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Church-in-Quarantine, Episode 3: The King James Version, a history.

Episode Summary

The history of the English Bible goes all the way back to the mid-1300s when John Wycliffe decided that English speakers needed our own Bible. His version was available as of 1382. For the next 229 years, there were a variety of English translations that appeared, but none of them were as excellent as the Authorized Version - commonly known as the King James Version or the KJV - which appeared in 1611. The reason the KJV has persisted for 413 years and counting is because it was a magnificent translation. But the translators did not have access to thousands of manuscripts that have been found in the last few hundred years, and the way English is spoken has naturally evolved. So several modern translations are objectively better than the KJV, if by "better" you mean "closer to the original Scripture documents that were written in Koine Greek, Ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic." In this episode, we take a brief look at at the KJV and English translations.