The Blue Collar Scholar

Church-in-Quarantine, Episode 1: A Bit of Baptist History

Episode Summary

In March 2020, COVID-19 snuck up on us and caused most of our institutions to close. We had to wear masks and only walk down the Walmart aisles in a single direction, and the TP aisle was empty. It was a weird time. Our church made the decision to go online for a few weeks, which ended up becoming several months. And even after coming back in person, we had to do quarantine again, and yet once more a few weeks later. When quarantine kicked in, I was in the middle of a church history series, so when going to Facebook Live, we suddenly had the lessons recorded for posterity. So, this is where we pick up, in the middle of a Sunday School series on Church History. And as a Baptist Church, we set aside an entire lesson just on Baptist History. And this episode of the podcast is that lesson.